Aviation Professionals

About us

The founders of Aviation Professionals have been shaping processes and procedures in one of Europe’s leading leisure airlines for a number of years. From the start, we focused on implementing new processes and methods in training and in the selection of cockpit personnel. The aim was always to enhance the skills of our crews.

Using state-of-the-art materials and methods, including online training, we have been able to achieve high levels of cost-efficiency for the business, and also to solve the issue of geographical and mobility constraints faced by our participations. Unnecessary travel and hotel costs can be avoided. The burden on participants is lower, and they have more free time and a better work-life balance that enables them to fully concentrate on the course contents and the maintenance of their flying skills.

Skills-based training to airline standards

We offer our comprehensive experience with skills-based training across the entire aviation market. Our experience and knowledge enable us to offer training by airliners for airliners, to airline standards, which is not possible in most aviation training schools.

In the crisis year of 2020 we took the bull by the horns – as every crisis is also an opportunity – and we decided to make our expertise available to colleagues around the world and to thus assist airlines and individuals in mitigating the effects of the crisis as well as possible.

Our aim is to provide the training methods we have developed and our own experience in the training and further training of pilots and aviators to all those who may be currently without work but do not wish to lose their skills and qualifications. To people who wish to enhance their skills and find the quickest path back into the cockpit.

Keep your proficiency

Our slogan says exactly what our vision entails.

By training to airline standards we ensure that the skills of our customers remain at the high levels they have already achieved or that they can be enhanced and improved by means of tailored training programmes. In order to do this, we keep our trainers at the highest levels, using internal train-the-trainer programmes and standardisation procedures. This guarantees the highest quality training Thus we can offer precisely the kind of training that a pilot needs in order to successfully re-enter the market.

We take care of you – until you are ready to resume

Many airlines are currently struggling for survival. They need to restructure and they need to release trained personnel.

When pilots, who work in highly complex environments, interrupt their practice, then they are in danger of losing the skills they have taken many years to acquire. The first to suffer the effects of this are the pilots themselves, and thereafter the entire industry that soon lacks the qualified pilots it needs when the market recovers. Restoring proficiency is highly time and cost-intensive.

To counter the unanticipated costs that come with a loss of skills, we offer training programmes to airlines and to individuals, so as to maintain and develop the skills that pilots require. Our training programmes are tailored to the needs of specific businesses and to each airline’s own procedures and guidelines by specially selected trainers.