Aviation Professionals


Thomas Clausen

Thomas Clausen has been working as a German Aviation Authority (lba) recognised Nominated Person Crew Training Manager for more than four years. He has more than six years of experience in airline management, responsible for trainer selection and training planning and structuring. He has all the required qualifications and authorisations, including TRI / TRE / LPE.

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Patrick Herr

Patrick Herr has been a Chief Training Captain B737 and a Deputy N.P. Crew Training Manager for more than five years. His experience in designing training programs and documentation extends back for more than eleven years. He has the TRI /TRE / LPE authorisations.

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Dieter Vera Martin

Dieter Vera Martin works as a director of pilot selection and has wide-ranging experience in pilot training, with more than twenty-one years PPL to ATPL. He also has TRI / TRE / LPE authorisations.

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All three are Boeing B737 captains and qualified as UPRT Core Trainers by AMST in the DESDEMONA simulator.